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Welcome to CodeMunch API - Let's Spread Real Time Career Innovation!
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CodeMunch is a recruitment platform which makes good use of emerging social networking technologies. Our goal with API is to reduce data collection effort required to build next generation career management applications. Using CodeMunch API you can access job data, company and college profile information.
Feature Highlights
Getting Started
CodeMunch API is designed to give you complete control over your own data. This gives developers complete access to CodeMunch data. Using API, developers can post job, get job listings, get career status, follow careers etc. API is our ongoing effort to add more data syndication capability in CodeMunch platform. We have taken partial set of functions to expose via API, rest we will add as we scale our API development efforts. Before starting, let's get few basics right.
  • You can not make unlimited calls. Talk to us if you have humungous data appetite. We can work something out for you.
  • API is entirely HTTP based
  • API is a RESTful resource
API Overview

The CodeMunch REST API methods allow developers to access core CodeMunch career related data repository. This includes job list data, job metadata, job detail and college profile data.

To learn about the methods and data available through the API, review the CodeMunch API Technical Documentation.

We publicly disclose known issues and enhancements. Known issues and enhancement priorities can be viewed on our issues list. Long term goals are recorded in the roadmap document.

We will be adding tutorials describing how to use CodeMunch API for listing job openings.
Right now we support basic authentication. But to take care security of username/password of users, we authenticate user based on md5 encrypted key. Very soon we will support OAuth for better security.
Rate Limiting
The CodeMunch API only allows clients to make a limited number of calls in a given hour. The default rate limit for calls is 100 requests per hour. Right now does IP based rate limiting. Rate limiting application will get HTTP 400 response code.
Security Recommendations
Don't share your publisher key as it is main authentication key till we implement OAuth.
Known Issues
 Known issues are listed on issues list.  Known issues are also posted regularly on
  • @codemunchapi on Twitter.
  • CodeMunch API Announcements Google group.
API Support
The API is updated regularly. We do our best to communicate these changes. Discuss and share your thoughts using @codemunchapi on Twitter.
Sample Code
Download Sample Code

Join Google Group forum to discuss issues and ideas related to Codemunch API.