Use code, creativity and craft to build a self-supporting career.

Learn to code and get a start in a real software career. No need to waste time in a formal and expensive college education. We are teaching girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to code and accelerate their entry into rewarding career.

Learn to code and get a start in a real software career

We are teaching girls from disadvantaged communities to code and accelerate their entry into real software careers.


Our goal is to identify girls with unrecognized talent and invest in them. We do not charge our students any fee. In-fact we will pay a stipend of Rs 5000/month for the full year.


At the end of the year, students will be given the opportunity to start their own product journey, be a freelancer or join a company for a full time employment.


You must be 18+ years
You should not be in any 4 year engineering college
Girls enrolled in Polytechnic college or in Diploma course are welcome to join
We will prefer girls belonging to disadvantaged community (poor financial support, lower caste, single parent with low income and from minority group)

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Our Curriculum

"Everyone should learn to code, it teaches you how to think." - Steve Jobs


Codemunch teaches girls from disadvantaged communities with relevant industry-ready skills. With these skills they can launch independent business in tech. We use a well rounded curriculum and intense project based learning. Codemunch students are not only ready for employment but in many cases they will launch their career with a freelancing career path.
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Corporate partnership to support disadvantaged girls to promote STEM
Join a network of companies hiring non-college educated software engineers.

About Codemunch

Codemunch is a coding school for disadvantaged girls in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. We feel learning to code is an ultimate empowerment and will equip girls to take control of their professional life. Internet economy and software-driven creativity is creating all kinds of career paths and financial opportunities. Our goal is to introduce girls from disadvantaged communities to these opportunities.