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Codemunch is on a mission to change the way knowledge workers manage their professional career! It's not just a job board! It's a career management platform. Career management requires daily nurturing around professional connections and skills. We are creating a career graph for knowledge workers, which will help them in protecting their career from obsolescence. It's like a precrime* system but for your career.

About Us

  • Codemunch Team

    Brij Singh
    G Parameswari
    Lead Developer, Codemunch and Facebook Apps
    Srividya Iyer
    Lead Developer, Mobile Apps
    Vikas Singh
    Manager, Social Media
    Rajeshwari Ponnappa
    Design and User Experience
  • Contact Us

    14 MIG, 1st Floor, 8th Block 560095
    Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

    International: 1-650-491-0451

    India: 080-41216610

  • What's up with the name Codemunch?

    We are entering into a world of radical transparency. The big question is how are we going to compete in a world where knowledge is available at the touch of a finger? Speed of knowledge acquisition is going to separate out winners from losers. Codemunch name is a play on the idea of eating knowledge to stay hungry.

  • Here is a precog ball to remind you that Everybody Runs!

    precog ball

Need help getting started? Call Us: USA (650) 491-0451 | India (080)-41216610

*Concept of precrime was first reported by science fiction author Philip Dick and roughly means 'likelihood of future offenses'. Later Minority Report popularized this concept.