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Get Social Resume - There Is More In You Than You Think!
CodeMunch is a real time career management platform which makes good use of emerging social networking technologies. For professionals it offers wide range of tools for showcasing your skill portfolio. Build your personal brand, catch up with trends and showcase your social resume to companies and recruiters.
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Feature Highlights

  • candidate profile

    Social Resume

    Create FREE resume! Take advantage of professional quality templates. Link your resume with your other social network profiles.

  • apply for a job

    Real Time Job Notification

    Using unique Company Follow model, you can instantly be notified of new job postings by the company you follow. Superior matching and instant results.

  • follow friends and colleges

    Find & Follow Professionals & Companies

    You can learn a lot about your own career by just following interesting careers. Build your own list of role models and follow companies you admire. It's all about learning and growing in your career.

  • Trends


    Days of waking up to a stale resume is over. Now you can follow trends in real time and constantly fine tune your career path.

  • share profile

    Share Resume

    Do SWOT analysis. Your friends and colleagues know your strengths and weaknesses. Invite them and conduct your own personal resume audit.

  • search ranking

    Improved Search Ranking

    Add pictures, Slideshare, Google documents and YouTube videos. CodeMunch provides permalink support and pages are indexed fast by Google and Bing search engines.

  • group discussion

    Group Discussions

    Learn from community. Not sure about which career move to make? Just throw your question and see the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeMunch?

CodeMunch is a recruitment platform, which leverages advantages of social networking sites for providing you a better career in less time. It offers you a way to handle and grow your career with real time career management techniques.

CodeMunch is different from other job portals?

CodeMunch is not like other job portal where you can just submit resume and send them to HR, it's much more than that. CodeMunch provides you with real time career management techniques to get a better job in less time. You can follow your Friends and Colleges and take there help in managing your career. Also you can follow your favorite companies and apply for job if it matches your profile, and see result in real time.

Can I share my resume from social networking sites?

Yes, with our Facebook and Orkut applications you can share your resume to friends and HR community. So now you don't have to search resume and send email, every time you find a job on Orkut/Facebook. Link to Facebook and Orkut Applications are given in bottom under share.

How can I showcase my professional profile/resume on Facebook/Orkut?

Showing resume along with your social profile is becoming necessary, since employers are now using more and more social media to fulfill there requirements. In order to showcase your resume on Facebook/orkut use our application CodeMunch and integrate resume in your social profile. Just follow link given in bottom, under share and use our Facebook App and Orkut App to showcase your resume on Facebook/Orkut.

In which formats can I download my resume?

You can choose a suitable format from different professionally pre-designed templates as per need and download your resume in just few clicks.

Can I get career advice from HR/professional?

Yes, you can participate in groups and post career related enquiries. In this way you can get quick career advice from HR and professional from that field.

Does this service cost me?

Creating profile is absolutely free of cost; also you can apply to any number of jobs for free of cost. We don't charge anything from candidates.

Need help on career related issues? Ask your question on Groups