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Welcome to CodeMunch. Now Get More Students Interested In Your College!
CodeMunch is a recruitment platform which makes good use of emerging social networking technologies. For colleges it offers wide range of tools for showcasing college profile. Now you can achieve higher admission numbers, build your college brand, showcase student resume to companies and recruiters.
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Feature Highlights

  • college profile

    College Profile

    Colleges with engaging profiles attract more new students than those that don't. CodeMunch allows quick creation of profile. You can create new or copy your website content here.

  • admission information

    Admission Information

    Giving them complete information when students are looking for it is a sure shot way to make progress in student recruitment campaign. CodeMunch allows full admission form viewing and doesn't require any download.

  • search ranking

    Improved Search Ranking

    Add pictures, Slideshare, Google documents and YouTube videos. CodeMunch provides permalink support and pages are indexed fast by Google and Bing search engines.

  • new students

    Attract New Students

    Use our Web Form service, Database Access and social network outreach program to reach out to prospective students.

  • manage brand

    Manage Your Brand

    CodeMunch is different from other college network websites. We work with leading social networks such as Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Creating vibrant presence on those networks helps colleges achieve top of the mind recall.

  • codemunch careergraph

    Gain From CodeMunch CareerGraph

    CodeMunch uses advanced relationship model to connect skills, trends, social relationship and professional experience. We will showcase your college profile in the right context automatically.

  • groups


    Learn from peers and create your own college group to connect with student community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeMunch?

CodeMunch is a recruitment platform which leverages advantages of social network for building online brand and providing real time career management solution to students. It offers wide range of tools for showcasing college presence for admission purpose, building online brand, showcasing candidates/students profile to recruiters, following recruiters and building conversational relationship with them.

How does it help my college?

It helps your college by many ways. First of all it gives your college a place where you can come across recruiters from all over India. So your college gets attention of recruiters from different areas. Secondly your college can build brand image on social media effectively.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started is easy! Create your college page by signing up as college for Free. For more social media solutions and getting your students resumes on CodeMunch, just mail us expressing your interest on and we will get back to you soon.

How is CodeMunch different from other online job portals?

CodeMunch offers a unique way for recruitment. As compared to other online job portal, CodeMunch leverages the advantages of social media for recruitment. Online job portal offers candidates to view jobs by charging some fee, but CodeMunch allows candidates to be view job directly and follow companies to know HR announcements made by companies.

Does CodeMunch assist in actual job placement?

CodeMunch helps you to expand your network and reach companies directly from different regions in India. Once your college profile is created, you can contact HR for campus placement and also when HR post job requirement, then HR can shortlist candidates and can call them for recruitment process. And for student, it opens up numerous opportunities to build awareness, cultivate communities, contribute to relevant discussions and improve chances of a long term career growth.

Why should I care about social networks? We think it's a waste of time!

Today, recruiter's tap social networking sites for potential candidates and some organizations hire close to 15-20 per cent by browsing pages of online participants. So social networking job web sites emerge as new concept and are attracting many users against traditional ways of searching jobs. And these days with job posting down its necessary for students to showcase something more certifications and degree, on CodeMunch students can not only showcase and share there professional profile but also follow and get help from recruiters.

How can students help build college brand?

Students plays a crucial role in building college brand. On CodeMunch students can show professional resume, share it with HR and friends on social networks, build conversational relationship on college profile and spread positive words about college on social network.

How can I get my college students resume into CodeMunch?

You can either mail zip file of all students resume to us or send resumes in a CD, and we will post all resumes and create college page for you. For more details regarding this contact us.

How can CodeMunch work with my ongoing campus placement programs?

CodeMunch helps in extending your ongoing placement program by establishing a direct contact between college and companies. It is adding on to your current placement program.

We already showcase our students on our website, why maintain another college profile?

Although you have showcase students profile on your website, but HR generally doesn't go through website of colleges, neither they can communicate with students nor observer there conduct on social media platform. But on CodeMunch recruiters can contact your students directly and shortlist them on the basis of there profile and there conduct on this platform. Here your students can participate in groups and get advice from experts which is not case with your website. So showcasing profile of your students on CodeMunch is going to be much more beneficial for your students as compared to showcasing it on your profile.

What marketing methods you will be using to ensure companies give proper attention to my college profile on CodeMunch?

We ensure that companies give proper attention to college profiles. We create a customized and vibrant profile on CodeMunch, Facebook and Twitter. With proper and relevant updates on profile, it is to be observed by HR. Apart from this if you need any customized social media solution; we are always ready to come up with innovative solutions.

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