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Objective: To constantly learn and upgrade my skill set and contribute towards organizational goals, thus ensuring personal and professional growth in a competitive environment.
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Objective: To utilize my education, capabilities, creative ideas, with a self-motivated and positive approach within an organization that will help my professional and personal skills.
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SANTOSH123 | Bangalore
Objective: With a burning desire to learn and learn consistently, I aspire to work in an environment of team spirit, excellence and professional integrity and to gain valuable experience and hone my communication and team work skills for organization.
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NILESHDAVE | Ahmedabad
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Objective: To transform my knowledge into new excellence. To carve a niche for myself with hard work and dedication towards my work. Being very creative with requisite training in this field, I wish to create wonders.
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AMIT | Bangalore
Objective: Aspiring to be a part of environment that promotes team effort and provides opportunity for value based growth as well as career advancement while making a significant contribution to the organization.
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DAMONM | Bowling Green
Objective: Aspiring to seek a position to apply my knowledge, skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry, this offers Professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.
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SEN_SAMARJIT | Hyderabad
Objective: To obtain a long-term career with an organization as to uphold the dignity of ones profession in all corners of work area and in the process add value to oneself.
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SWEETYSHRU | Bangalore
Objective: To be one among the best with innovative ideas, use ideas to the maximum extent in completing the assigned tasks, to work in a challenging environment and be known for depth of knowledge, hard work, quality and timeliness of service, honoring the commitments.
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Objective: To pursue a challenging career in the emerging software industry by being associated with a progressive organization, use my educational skills and prove myself as one among the best.
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