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UBED | Mumbai
Objective: To build upon the present skills and to seek a position that provides opportunities to keep abreast with the latest trends and developments in the field of Information Technology.
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JOJA_2 | Mehsana
Objective: Software engineering position where my problem solving skills will add value to software development organization
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DEVENDRA_8055 | Ahmedabad
Objective: To be one among the best with innovative ideas, use ideas to the maximum extent in completing the assigned tasks, to work in a challenging environment and be known for depth of knowledge, hard work, quality and timeliness of service, honoring the commitments.
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PPABBAS2007 | Bangalore
Objective: To pursue a challenging career in the emerging software industry by being associated with a progressive organization, use my educational skills and prove myself as one among the best.
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Objective: To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that would yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and a steady-paced professional growth.
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Objective: To always perform best of my ability in any condition with honesty and sincerity and give the best to work in hand, working diligently towards it. To constantly add new skills to the existing one and learn the new things as and when it come.
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FOOBAR888 | Foocity
Objective: Seeking a position to work with a dynamic organization that will appreciate my contribution and one which has a quality environment with a team of professionals amongst whom my knowledge can be shared and enriched.
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NEENU | Bangalore
Objective: To work in an organization where individuals work in a team for organizational growth & where learning opportunities are higher which results in organizational & personnel management.
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Objective: Seeking assignments with a leading organization in the field of Computer Science.
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VIJITHAPV | Bangalore
Objective: Main aim is to get a career opportunity in the filed of Corporate Communications, so that I can shape my line of interest into a successful career. I hope to establish myself in the organization and in the industry at large.
Skills: C++.NETC
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