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ERICMILES | Fort Worth, TX
Objective: Seeking a position to work with a dynamic organization that will appreciate my contribution and one which has a quality environment with a team of professionals amongst whom my knowledge can be shared and enriched.
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Objective: To be an integral part of a competitive work environment, this would help me to grow on the intellectual and personal front, while contributing to the growth and success of the organization.
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SIDSAN1331 | Delhi
Objective: To always perform best of my ability in any condition with honesty and sincerity and give the best to work in hand, working diligently towards it. To constantly add new skills to the existing one and learn the new things as and when it come.
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Objective: Software engineering position where my problem solving skills will add value to software development organization
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Objective: Professional Paralegal with effective communication skills within department, group and dealing with clients and students, ability to meet deadlines, and extensive knowledge of documents production, documents filing (scanning and sorting), case management from initial engagement to filing of case and follow up at the Courts. Experienced using various windows programs and search engines.
Skills: Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft AccessAdobeMerrill Lynch LexranetLotus NotesLexis NexisWestlawArcher Repository ToolConcordanceESITACS: MagramACRISSmall Claims Court ProcedureClient InteractionsClient InterviewsDraft NOICourt AppearanceE-DiscoveryData EntryEnterprise Speech IntelligenceACRISTitle SearchesLien SearchesHUD, CEMA Closing SchedulesData EntryMagramMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft AccessAdobe AcrobatLextranetLotus NotesLexis NexisWestlawArcher ToolConcordanceClient InteractionsEnterprise Security And Risk Management ToolSubpoenasWarrantsLaw Enforcement Agencies InteractionsMicrosoft ExcelLextranetConcordanceLotus NotesMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft OutlookLexis NexisWestlawLexis NexisWestlawLitigation BindersDocument Production
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Objective: Aspiring to make a career in research data processing analysis
Skills: PMRDS OrissaPDGCA & DTP - SPSS - MS-Office-2007-02-03-xp (Wr Access Powerpoint Fontpage - DOS - HTML - Windos VISTA XP 98 - Foxpro - Nero - Winzip - Digital Softwar
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KANCHETTY | Bangalore
Objective: I’m looking for a better opportunity to pursue a challenging dynamic, responsive and rewarding Career, which includes in the utilization of my potentials to the fullest extent for the betterment of the Company.
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Objective: To accept any challenges those come in my way with an open attitude and reinforce my belief that being versatile to the way of success and for the growth of self and organization. In the process I constantly update my knowledge and put my utmost efforts to deliver my best.
Skills: C Programming
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Objective: Getting an Engineering position where I utilize my skills and experience obtained as a Software Engineer and Project Lead in ebussiness, Financial and various other industries.
Skills: Windows XPMS SQL Server 2000Oracle 9iTomcatJ2EEJAVA
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Objective: To transform my knowledge into new excellence. To carve a niche for myself with hard work and dedication towards my work. Being very creative with requisite training in this field, I wish to create wonders.
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