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MANOJ | Hyderabad
Objective: To obtain a long-term career with an organization having a strong background that provides good opportunity for enhancement of professional and personal development.
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SANDEEPSHARMA | Muzaffar nagar
Objective: With a burning desire to learn and learn consistently, I aspire to work in an environment of team spirit, excellence and professional integrity and to gain valuable experience and hone my communication and team work skills for organization.
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Objective: Diligent individual with the desire to work in an organization where there is a challenging environment and where my technical and personal skills can be utilized effectively. In this endeavor, use the challenges that come my way for learning and improving to become the best.
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Objective: Software engineering position where my problem solving skills will add value to software development organization
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AMAN_MAX1981 | Bangalore
Objective: To take up a challenging career in a reputed concern in a competitive environment, where I can be a key team member, my contribution for the growth of the organization and leading to my professional growth.
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Objective: To secure challenging position in the field of Information Technology that will utilize my analytical skills and provide an opportunity for professional advancement. Attention to details, team environment & management, presentation skills, result oriented attitude, corrective in work and self-confidence.
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Y2KYNG | Hyderabad
Objective: To achieve a challenging position as Software Engineer in a result-oriented organization, where my acquired skills, creativity, knowledge and experience will be utilized towards continued growth and advancement.
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Objective: Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me wide scope to learn new analytical skills and apply them for the growth of the organization and for my personal growth, in tune with the latest trends using cutting edge technologies.
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Objective: To gather the knowledge, that will strengthen and sharpen my technical skills and make me competent to face the global challenges in the industry and to serve for the organizations short and long term objectives.
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SHERIN | New Delhi
Objective: To constantly learn and upgrade my skill set and contribute towards organizational goals, thus ensuring personal and professional growth in a competitive environment.
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