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Get Social Resume - There Is More In You Than You Think!

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CodeMunch is a real time career management platform which makes good use of emerging social networking technologies. For professionals it offers wide range of tools for showcasing your skill portfolio. Build your personal brand, catch up with trends and showcase your social resume to companies and recruiters.
  • Create professional looking resume - it's FREE

    Create FREE resume! Take advantage of professional quality templates. Link your resume with your other social network profiles.

  • Social Resume
  • Real Time Job Notification
  • Link resume with industry trends

    Using unique Company Follow model, you can instantly be notified of new job postings by the company you follow. Superior matching and instant results.

  • Build your personal skill network

    Do SWOT analysis. Your friends and colleagues know your strengths and weaknesses. Invite them and conduct your own personal resume audit.

  • Share Resume
  • Follow Companies
  • Never get stale in your career! Stay on top of the industry trends

    You can learn a lot about your own career by just following interesting careers. Build your own list of role models and follow companies you admire. It's all about learning and growing in your career.

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