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We are teaching girls from disadvantaged communities digital skills and accelerate their entry into higher income global careers. Stagnant Economic Mobility: Despite the progress, Uttar Pradesh remains a state hindered by a cycle of poverty. According to NITI Aayog's Multidimensional Poverty Index, the region faces systemic challenges in areas like income, health, and education, critically affecting economic mobility. The Shackles of Social Trap: Research indicates that traditional social hierarchy continue to dictate income levels and career opportunities. A society tethered to its past is a society unable to move forward. Gender Inequality: Despite a large talent pool, the gender wage gap is a glaring issue. Women in Uttar Pradesh earn 35% less than men, pushing families into a downward economic spiral.


Uttar Pradesh has 47% of highly employable females but they are not part of the organised workforce.

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Women earn 35% less than men on average in UP, which affects overall family income and long-term mobility.

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Rising enrollment

27 state universities and 7,391 degree colleges of UP in 2020-21 session have a total of 50,21,277 students enrolled in them, out of which 62.95% are women

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Globally, 38% of women – that is close to one in four - have experienced online violence

AI literacy empowers women to better understand the mechanisms behind algorithms that could be exploited for online violence, enabling them to more effectively use privacy settings, report abuse, and navigate digital spaces securely.

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